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Find supporting content ideas (that your audience is actually searching for) for

Go to Google and use questions in front of your main keyword. For example if my
main keyword was 'bathroom cleaning', I would add something like this:

āœ”ļø 'How can I...'
āœ”ļø 'What is...'
āœ”ļø 'Things that...'

You can obviously tweak the phrasing depending on your keyword. Make it natural.
Type it how you would if you were looking for the answer.

You'll likely see a 'People Also Ask' box.

These questions are relevant to your main query. They're long tail, they're easy
to write for and they're great for building authority on a topic.

If you click one of the People Also Ask results, more will expand beneath it.
Giving you a complete list of question to write about.

Inspired by Kyle Roof! Also, I highly recommend you check out @Steve Toth's 'SEO
Notebook' for a more advanced version of this strategy.

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Posted by Ryan Darani - SEO Consultant on LinkedIn