Incredible conversation with Abhinav, Partner at Accel India, regarding raising
early stage capital from VCs.

Abhinav spoke to his alma matter at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
about the emphasis on the 'size of opportunity' (making a conviction bet on
Flipkart) and 'product insight'.

Abhinav mentioned when he graduated from IIT-R, most of his batchmates went for
a GAFA engineering role.

🎓His *advice to new graduates today* is to build their own venture - access to
capital + mentorship is unparalleled today.

What does Abhinav look for in a company?
1. Is the market large? (if not today, maybe in the future?)
2. Will your team win? (are you resilient?)

What does Abhinav look for in a deck?
👨‍👨‍👧Your Team
🕒Why now? (What has changed? An inflection point?)
😮How big is the problem you're solving?
📱Your solution
📈Traction to date

If you have a question about raising your 1st round of capital, please drop it
in the comments section, I'll do my best to answer them - or, I'll rope Abhinav

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn