Inbound opportunities have increased by 9X YTD.

And yet, do you know how many people I’ve tried to sell to this year?


How many times have I suggested “a quick call” to new connections? Zero.

Get this:

I haven’t sent a single connection request with the goal of “collaborating” or
“exploring new opportunities together”.

So why is demand so high?

It’s because I stopped selling.

I know, it’s counter-intuitive to what most sales playbooks tell you. Outdated
strategies like "Always Be Closing" (no thanks).

It’s not just me.

Every single person that’s killing it on LinkedIn right now is seeing amazing
business results. And they’re not selling, either.

There's never a sales pitch.

No talk of a product.

And you’ll never get an “invite to a demo”.

People like Chris Walker, Josh Braun, Andreas Jonsson and Jason Vana are all
active, sharing great content and by the looks of it, having a lot of fun, too.

I'm sure there's some buyer psychology term for this but think about that before
your next post or DM.

If you want to sell more, stop selling.

Are you sharing content to provide value or is there a hidden agenda?

Is it about you? Or is about them?

If there's a hidden agenda, let me save you some time.

Don't bother. They don’t care.

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