šŸ”„ In the last 10 years or so, Freshworks has scaled from zero tens of thousands
of paying customers. We aim to give back some of that love to the startup
community because we've had plenty of help getting here.

To that end, we said a few months ago, that we'll start talking about how
Freshworks was built and open up our playbook to other startups. This episode of
The Orbit Shift Podcast with Arun Pattabhiraman, Chief Growth Officer at
Freshworks is one such attempt.

Arun runs revenue marketing and sales development functions at Freshworks
globally. He was previously head of marketing at Hotstar, and before that, the
chief marketing officer at InMobi.

We talked about:

āœ… The five stages a startup goes through and the role of marketing
āœ… The teams that are best positioned to market in these stages
āœ… Frameworks that deal with strategy and tactics of marketing

āŒ Generic advice and gyaan

Link to the full episode in comments.

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Originally posted by Jayadevan P K (JPK) on LinkedIn
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