In the 20's: Exploring as many things as you can
In the 30's: Find & develop microniche (DOTS)
In the 40's: Reinvent yourself, achieve dreams
In the 50's: Devote yourself to society
In the 60's: Just in case you are 10 yrs late:)

This is my simple plan for a happy life.

There are 3 things we need to keep in mind to achieve this:
1. Saving & Investing wisely in the 20's & 30's
2. Taking care of your health in your 30's
3. Spending time with family in your 30's & 40's

If you ignore even one of them it will impact your life.

You can achieve this through:
DOTS (Do One Thing Surely)

Now finding your microniche can be tough, some people never find it. It took me
a good 20 years to find it. So you need effort & time both.

What about you?
Where are stuck?
What are you doing about it?

P.S: Kept the buffer for people like me:)

Posted by Sandeep Kochhar on LinkedIn