In recent weeks, I've earned links from Intercom, Hotjar, Helpscout, Profit
Well, Venngage and Hunter. I did it by doing what 99% of marketers don't do.

You zig. I zag.

What am I doing?

I reply to outreach emails.

We all get the same emails - you know, these:

"Hey! Love your blog post on X. Great stuff! I wrote about something similar
here. Can you link to it?"

In return for a link, they usually offer "more value to your readers...".

Urgh... No thanks.

That’s when most marketers delete them.

I don’t. I use them as an opportunity.

If someone asks me for a link, I ask them for a link, too.

But, not just any link. I'm super-targeted with my link request as a way to
increase search results for a specific piece.

I can get 4-6 new links to my content just because I reply to outreach emails
(which leads to way more traffic and conversions).

In fact, one piece recently went from page 2 in Google to ranking in position 6
– for a keyword that gets 1.4 million monthly searches!

So, the next time you get a link request email, don't just hit delete or mark it
as spam.

Send a reply.

(P.S. If you want the email copy I use that has a 95% success rate for acquiring
those kinds of links, check out the first comment below. It’s free)

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