In May, I, along with hundreds of others, lost my job.

After four layoffs over a period of 20 years, I knew that I wanted to start my
own business. I was tired of someone else determining my future.

As part of my exit package, I received access to a job search firm. I signed up
for every workshop on starting your own business, took all the assessment tests.

Each assessment found I was not fit to be an entrepreneur.

I wasn't aggressive enough. Wasn't a natural decision-maker. Not
bottom-line-driven enough. Not business savvy enough.

I almost bought into it. Almost gave up.

Thank goodness for COVID. (Silver linings and all that.) Jobs for writers were -
and still are - hard to come by and there is LOTS of competition. Going out on
my own, despite the numerous obstacles, felt like the right course of action.

Almost eight months later and my copywriting business is well off the ground. It
wasn't easy. I needed help - shoutout to my dad who has been amazingly
supportive this entire journey!

Along the way, I hired a coach. Made new friends. Found mentors.

But growth is rarely fun. I made mistakes. Invested in the wrong places. Fumbled
opportunities that came my way.

But I learned every step of the way.

I may not be a born entrepreneur, but I'm learning how to be one.

Posted by Dori Saltzman on LinkedIn