In first few years of I getting into a job, I used to travel sleeper class and
thereafter I upgraded myself to III AC, flights came in my life after another
3-4 years.

How do we feel the difference? In Sleeper class, generally I found people
accommodating others, moving a bit, 5 people on one berth, people sleeping on
floor and sometimes sharing food, stories of their villages and lives.
AC coaches are quieter, though people still talk after a while.

Best part is flight, head is held high, we avoid smiles and rarely talk to each
other, we find it difficult to share even a hand rest, an additional small bag
on floor bothers us. We make our life difficult as we fly high…..

I wonder, is it human nature to change own behaviour pattern while we move up. I
have observed similar traits in corporate offices, In lifts, in canteens... we
completely ignore existence of others…. particularly of significantly junior

There is so much life around… our security guards, receptionist…drivers.. why do
we prefer to look nowhere while they look at us….

A general smile, a casual acknowledgement can make things brighter and cheerful
for them. Have been practising it for almost a decade now, it feels so much
Try it out... without any reason….

#management #respect #human

Posted by Subbhash Hotchand Udhwwaani on LinkedIn