In college? Fresh out of college? Experienced professional?

It doesn't matter. All of us need to be good at selling.

In some pockets, I notice a negative perception around “sales”, we are big
believers in the dictum “Empty vessels make noise” and either consciously or
sub-consciously look down upon sales and think of it as being reserved for the
“sales people” and a necessary evil.

Everyone needs to know how to sell -
1. Themselves while pitching for a role in an interview
2. Their ideas in a meeting and driving alignment with a group of people
3. Their company when asking investors for money
4. AND of course the holy grail - Selling their products or services to
customers and getting them to pay. It’s the hardest thing to do and gives you
the greatest high.

Most successful working professionals today (regardless of the department they
belong to) are good at sales and enjoy selling.

We need to encourage the next generation of young working professionals to focus
not just on their core domain skills & knowledge but as much (if not more) on
their selling abilities.

Agree? Your views?

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Originally posted by Vedanarayanan Vedantham on LinkedIn