In cold calls, you can’t convince prospects beyond your own conviction.

Honest conviction is a powerful currency because prospects can sense it right
away and it’s extremely hard to fake.

This was particularly easy for me because I lived in Outreach all day while I
was calling about it. And I LOVED it!

There are things you can cultivate a genuine excitement about their product.

A few ways to do it:

-Talk to people in your company who are highly enthusiastic about your product
to understand why.

-Get a deeper understanding of the product.

-Listen to discovery calls from the highest performing AEs

-If at all possible, use the product yourself to get a first-hand understanding

ALSO: I just published the cold calling framework that got me the highest
connect-to-meeting-set rate.

Webinar, slides, script template in the comments below ⬇️

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Originally posted by Sam Nelson on LinkedIn