In case you are planning to quit . Will you be ready to do this?

We (those who smoke) always plan to do so. Sometimes we mark a date. But very
few actually make that possible. Simply because it is addictive in nature.

But, there are many of us who may start lowering the consumption or quit
eventually if there is something (health or wealth) offered to them.

There are smokers who prefer buying a packet of cigarettes in one go or in

Let's focus on those first who buy cigarettes in counts. They either are trying
to quit or they might have some fiscal constraints.

What if we tell them to put their money (equivalent to the cost of each
cigarette) into an app and let it grow?

I don't know if insurance or mutual funds allow such small ticket deposits
frequently, but a recent move by the Supreme Court of India regarding the status
of cryptocurrencies can really allow entrepreneurs, product developers to fill
this gap.

Revenue in the Cigarettes segment in India amounts to US$13,030 mn in 2019 from
US$8, 500 in revenue in 2012.

The market is expected to be $15, 711 mn growing annually by 4.5% (CAGR

Will you be ready to quit & grow your wealth like this?