In 2012, As a class 11th student, I had to make a project for Business studies.
One of the options for the topic was entrepreneurship & applying the 4Ps of
marketing for your idea.

I was very active on Facebook & Prabhkiran Singh’s Bewakoof was in its early
stage but extremely catchy with its genZ graphic tees.
Inspired by it, the idea of an online D2C merchandise brand is what I picked as
my project.

We had to make a 25-30 page file on a topic. I ended up creating a logo, a brand
name (won’t tell that :P), designs, a facebook page & a prototype website using
some free online tools.

I got so into in the project, I went up to my Dad to ask him to join me as a
cofounder and that we need a small investment to start things off.

Everyone in my family is either into government service or a typical
professional.(Some people might relate)The best I could push him towards was,
‘We’ll see after you pass your boards’. It seemed like a win to me.

By April 2014, I didn’t like the idea of merchandising enough, but I ended up
founding/co-founding two ventures soon after.

Few personal reflections,
1. Find what excites you, it can come out from anything day to day.
2. Today’s spark can & might continue to ignite in future, persistence is key

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Posted by Bharatendu Verma on LinkedIn