In 2008, I was laid off by a startup.

It was a global credit crisis (remember that?) so it wasn't surprising.
Marketing is low-hanging fruit for cost-cutting.

With a mortgage and family, it was a challenging time to be suddenly out of a
job. But it was also an opening to explore new options.

One of them, which I had never considered, was being an entrepreneur. I had
always been a full-time employee, who liked a bi-weekly paycheck.

Entrepreneurship was something done by other people who had higher appetites for

But I fell into entrepreneurship; someone offered me a consulting gig and the
rest, as they say, is history.

2020 has been hard for a lot of people, personally and professionally.

But amid difficult times, new possibilities emerge.

✐Economic conditions change.
✐Markets and the competitive landscape change.
✐The old rules don't always apply.
✐Companies disappear and some entrepreneurs give up.
✐Old business models no longer work as well.

Entrepreneurship may look daunting right now. The idea of starting a business
amid current conditions seems strange or even bizarre.

But amid economic volatility comes opportunity.

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