Imagine you don’t know anything about the iPhone,

You don’t even know what “iPhone” means

You are on the way home - and here I am, the "best" sales guy in town,

“Hey, man! Listen, look at this thing. It is the iPhone, the best phone in the
world - just give me $1000 and it’s yours.”

What would you think? Would you buy it?

You WON’T!!

Then why are you trying to sell in your 1st message on Li?

With the iPhone example - you watch the presentation, you check the website,
read reviews, check youtube comparisons to pick the right model for you,... and
then once you’re ready - you go and buy. You already know you want it. You made
the decision to buy.

I know your process can be different, but the point is - there IS a process.

That’s how you need to sell!

Listen, selling is like seduction!

If you understand it - you can have more clients than you can handle.

I don’t care if you are in B2C or B2B.

It’s not about hitting the ground running with a sales pitch.

It’s all about WHEN you ask for the sale.

Start thinking long-term.

Try to understand the difference between «Sale» and «Selling».

“Sale” often appears like an event,

But to get it - you need «Selling», and it is definitely a process, not an

Do you agree?


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Posted by Artem Smirnov on LinkedIn