IKEA is the 16th most valuable retailer in the world, making it the most
valuable furniture retail brand.

In 2019 they got 1 billion store visitors and 2.8 billion visits to its

Now imagine you're doing consumer research for them.

You're looking into the friction its customers are experiencing, and their 'jobs
to be done'.

Without a doubt, you will learn that the people complain about the shortage of
staff in the stores, how it's difficult to find the parts in the store,
difficulties with assembly.

It takes way long to navigate the stores. Too many pieces! How it sucks to load
your car with all the boxes. The furniture doesn't last that long. The stores
are too far from everything. Etc etc.

We could all come up with a long page full of complaints.

Yet, it's the most valuable furniture brand in the world.

If they listened to all the complaints and addressed them, focused on the
customer experience, and eliminated friction, it'd become a vanilla brand and
we'd stop buying it.

That's how brands lose their uniqueness.

I'm not advocating for "don't do research". I've been a champion of research for
a decade.

I'm saying be brand-first. Have a strong point of view, and stay true to your
brand principles. Filter all research through your brand lens.

Posted by Peep Laja on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/peeplaja