IIT Bombay released GATE 2021 Qualifying Cutoff (Paper wise)
Mechanical Engineering – GEN 33.0 | OBC 29.7 | SC/ST 22.0
Computer Science – GEN 26.1 | OBC 23.4 | SC/ST 17.4

According to this Data, even after scoring 32.9, a GEN mechanical engineering
candidate won’t be allowed to the system, but one SC/ST candidate scoring 22.0
will be accepted to become an engineering professional.

There are questions coming to my mind after looking at this data if someone
would like to answer!

Who is better?
Who should be given the chance to?
Who would turn out to be skilled professional India needed?

Why the partiality if they both went to the same engineering college, studied
the same engineering within the same time frame allocated and also had the same
access & scope of learning?

Oh, just because they both come from different caste & community of India
created for the political propaganda and benefits? Is it right?

After doing this kind of stupidity in education, we want skilled & excellent
people to be in the system.

“We always complain that engineers in India aren’t qualified & skilled how they
are needed to be”

Do you think this kind of selection process will help?

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