Iim bangalore experience
Tell me about yourself
Why marketing?
Recent marketing campaign?
Best ad according to you?
Coke or Pepsi, which one will you prefer and why?
Ceo of CocaCola?
What about PepsiCo?
Burger king or McDonald's?
Market share of both?
What is Ansoff matrix?
Law of dimnishing marginal utility?
Elasticity of petrol?
What is the cost of a barrel as of today?
What do you think about Narendra Modi?
Do you think he is a communist person?
What about Amit Shah?
Tell me the achievements of this government?
Are they doing anything for MSMEs?
Budget allocation for education?
What do you think about IIMS as a whole?
Why only few iims are there in the top 50 colleges in the world?
Why we are lagging behind?
Name some alumni's of our college?
tell us something about cricket?
What is the dimension of a cricket field?
What is a pitch?
Physics behind swinging of a ball?
Oh you know everything related to Cricket
lets talk about IPL now
What happened day before yesterday?
Most expensive player this time?
least expensive?
ok the competition is tough this time
we wish you all the best
you may leave now

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