“If you want to catch the mouse, you have to provide the cheese,”

I said this to my friend.

He sends out lots of cold emails to potential clients offering his service.

He focuses his sales trying to pop-up in front of people hoping this could
possibly start an interest in his services.

He browses web forums and social media sites looking for persons to offer his

He is chasing customers everywhere but still getting low sales.

And this is causing him to worn out and with NO cash.

So he asked, "What should I do?"

I told him - If you want to attract people to your business, you have to prove
to them that you’ve got what they want. You need to make them see how you can
help them improve their situation with your product or service.

By creating valuable content that PROVES them that you know what you’re talking
about. It’s called content marketing.

Work hard on your content, make it so attractive that those who read it see you
as someone with whom they want to work with

Are you creating valuable content and promoting it to the right audience?

If not, message me and I might have something to help you.