If you're a partner at a boutique consulting firm with 2, 3 or more partners,
how do you decide who takes the lead with prospecting and sales?

Here's what I've observed:

Typically, the partner with the biggest rolodex and sales experience will take
on the mantle of business development...

...while the other partners play more of a technical role and contribute to
project delivery.

Now, on the surface, this may seem like a fair deal. It only makes sense that
people play to their strengths.

But there are problems with this model.

Sure, you can land a couple of clients early on via referrals and keep your firm
going for the short term.

But landing new business consistently is not just one partner's responsibility.
If it is, it can lead to finger-pointing and resentment down the line.

If you're a partner, you've got to step up and contribute to sales. Because it's
your business, too.

Here's a benchmark I've seen working well: one partner takes a lead on sales,
but each of the others contributes at least 20% of their time to prospecting and

This can include market planning, outreach, proposal creation, pitching or
anything that moves the sales needle.

When everyone sells, you increase your chances of winning.

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Posted by Faheem Moosa on LinkedIn
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