If you met me when I was 28, you might have thought I was
a failure, at least in comparison to what most people define as success.

I didn't have a "traditional" start to my career:

1. I started college 4 years later than every one of my friends

2. I spent the first 7 years of my career in a job that had nothing to do with
marketing (my profession)

3. At 28, I took an entry-level job, just to get into marketing

My journey was far from perfect, but here is what you can't see:

1. I started college late because it took me 4 years to save enough money to put
myself through college. When I graduated I had zero debt.

2. Those 7 years paid for college and taught me about business, work ethics, and
leadership. It also introduced me to the tech world.

3. I took a step back to get into marketing, but once I got in I moved up
quickly because I had work ethics, I knew how the business works and I knew how
to lead (with and without authority).

It doesn't matter how long it takes you, or how you get there. There is no
traditional career path - only your career path.

Do what you believe in, put in the work and you will be successful on your own

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