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Following the IPO of software companies such as Snowflake and Palantir on
September, 5 more tech unicorns have filed to go public.

🦄 Affirm — Roblox — Airbnb — Wish — DoorDash

Why now, when COVID-19 disruptions are far from over?

With public markets trading at record highs, public valuations now regularly
outstrip private valuations.

👉 The perfect opportunity for seasoned companies that need to move out of the
private sphere!

Being among the earliest investors, these VCs have been waiting to get a return
on their investment for a while ...
➡️ Y Combinator
➡️ Sequoia Capital
➡️ GGV Capital
➡️ Andreessen Horowitz
➡️ Lightspeed Venture Partners

But it's about to pay off big time!

What are your thoughts:

Will the strong investor appetite for tech stocks last? 🤔 💬
Or are we heading for a dot-com scenario? 📉

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