If you are looking to post regularly on LinkedIn (& Twitter), here are some
ideas to implement.
#1. Link to your blog post - for your connections to read your content.
#2. Share an image - with a study, statistics or trends - we grasp visual
content quicker than text.
#3. A quote - from your client, mentor or friend. To expand the reach of your
#4. A link to an industry article - curated content. Any new/interesting
information you feel your network will benefit from.
#5. Share a personal experience/mistake/learning. These kinds of posts get
maximum engagement. They help you articulate your thoughts.
#6. (Optional) - a motivational quote that drives you.
We're following this for the 3 clients for whom we're doing social media
The benefit of a social media calendar is - that you won't be left scratching
your head every day on what to post.
It gives your network a wide range of information to consume.

Posted by Priyanka Desai on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/priyankadesai1