If you are a podcast host, DO NOT HUNT FOR SHORTCUTS😐😐

Do not try to growth hack or game podcast channels like Spotify or Apple
podcasts by engaging people who promise 100s or 1000s of downloads.


1. Your podcast is a channel you are building, not some vanity numbers like
2. You want real target audience to listen to the quality content you put up
(not bots)
3. Your vanity chasing may get you penalized badly.

If you have a podcast, you will invariably receive pitches like this -- "I am
professional Spotify podcast promoter. Do you want promote your podcast? I will
make you a great podcaster in the world. If you want more information pls
contact me. Thanks"

Ignore them. Run as far away possible from those.

No offense but they all come from only one country, and more specifically from
the same city.

Again - there is no shortcut.

Numbers don't mean anything without relevance.

Your podcast is defined by the quality of content you put out, the specific set
of people listening to it, and the quality of guests you bring in.

Focus on doing the right things, and let the result take care of itself.

( I speak from personal experience of hosting The ABM Conversations Podcast with
my amazing pal Manish Nepal)

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Posted by Yaagneshwaran Ganesh on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/yaagneshwarang