If someone wants to uninstall whatsApp and use signal, why can't they? Why are
they being called names? I see Vidit from Meesho calling such people hypocrites
and Kunal calling it a weekend trend.

Everyone needs to feel safe. If people feel WhatsApp's new policy is hurting
their privacy, you can't bully your way to convince them otherwise.

Maybe it's not about privacy, maybe people are standing upto corporate bullying
and monopolistic nature of businesses.

WhatsApp did revert back on its decision
It did retract the Feb statement about deletion

All because of the outrage.

But no, people are hypocrite and it's a trend because my business runs on
whatsApp and am fine with monopoly everywhere.

Perhaps these businesses should also introspect and ask themselves if they're
creating a safe enough space for their customers.

Posted by Jitendra Chouksey on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/jitendrachouksey