I was surprised to read about Beardo. Founded in 2015, this men’s grooming D2C
brand quickly catapulted to millennial fame and was acquired for 250-300 crores:

A closer look at their model,

Unravels their meteoric claim to success.

Started as a direct to consumer brand,

Beardo’s niche?

Men’s grooming.

Hyper-focused on the millennial man’s shiny beard.

But why?

Isn’t that a small space?

Not really.

Because Beardo was looking at this as just an entry-point.

Rather than claiming that “THIS men’s face wash” is 20X better,

They built a “quirky” and “woke” brand around a niche.

Then pivoted to other grooming products.

In the process?

They created a category that never existed.

With the high margins of a D2C play on their side,

Beardo then focused on millennial consumers in Tier 2 cities,

With rising incomes.

But none of this would have been possible,

Without more cash inflow in this space.

With the rapid adoption of technology,

The legacy barriers to entry were now gone.

As a result?

Money was flowing into the space in crores.

Eventually, all of these contributing factors,

Drove Beardo’s meteoric growth.

Maybe a sign,

Of the disruption that new-age D2C companies,

Are bringing to this space.

Posted by Raj Shamani on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rajshamani