I was stuck in traffic while going to the office in my car.

I saw 2 young girls in the car which was beside me.

One of them approached me and asked me for an address.

I was reading the address and a little beggar boy came there to sell flowers.

He was insisting the girls buy at least one flower so that he could eat

They started talking rudely with him and told him to go away.

I was angry on them because that's not the way to behave with anyone.

I controlled my anger and told her the address.

The beggar boy again insisted on her and while insisting he happened to touch
her hand.

The girl slapped him, the little boy cried and went away!

The signal turned green and the girls drove off the car.

I was shocked and the vehicles behind me were honking!

I hurriedly started my car and while driving I thought, rich people, are the
'real poor'!

She could have refused the little poor boy politely, isn't it?

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