I was running marketing at a mid-sized services company, and we were mainly
generating leads using email marketing.

However, people in my team did not like that activity as they weren’t finding it
creative. They were talking to me about doing several other activities.

The reality was that email marketing brought us 80 to 100 leads, which I didn’t
want to lose.

I told them that I didn’t want to fix something that isn’t broken. I wouldn’t
even mind putting up a billboard 365 days a year if it generated demand. I
really didn’t care.

This was almost 12 years ago, and email marketing still isn’t dead.

The primary role of marketing was to generate leads. So, I suggested that they
could run all the other activities that they were thinking of and improve the
lead funnel, without dropping email marketing.

One thing to this date that I follow in marketing is to keep it simple — all you
have to do is get one or two things right.

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