I was reflecting on some personal lessons which I have learnt through 2020:
1. Being very mindful & grateful for our blessings. Making sure we find a way to
pay these forward.
2. The redeeming & rejuvenating power of family & community. No person is an
island & no one makes it alone.
3. Finding a better balance with the planet & sentient beings that share it with
us. It is our arrogance to think both exist to serve us.
4. The power of human curiosity & teamwork to overcome tremendous odd. Creating
a vaccine in record time is just one eg.
5. If you think you can do it or if you think you canโ€™t, you are right. Thoughts
shape destiny.
6. We live in an age of dramatic paradoxes (social media/loneliness,
knowledge/wisdom, information/insight, community leadership/demagoguery/
individual expression/mob rule) & we need to find our way to harness the power
of these paradoxes.
7. Finding your moral centre is core to navigating complexity. When everything
is fluid, finding your anchor is essential.
8. Being smart is over-rated, being a good human being is under-rated. Choose
9. Our legacy is not defined by what we created but how many we could lift & how
we made others feel. Our meaning exists in enabling others.