I was recently honored to be on the Young Guns Movement YGTV stage. Why does
this matter for you?

Well, carefully look over all of the things that you and want to do. Will you
commit to action on the big priorities?

The way to get started is to bridge the gap between being busy and being
productive. In this 20-minute presentation, I reveal my 10 gap-closing

1. Do it afraid
2. Set a deadline
3. Commit to daily YOU-zones
4. Discover and do your 60Xer
5. Schedule your to-do's
6. Say no
7. Try new things
8. Start consuming now
9. Mentor up
10. Recharge your battery

You’ll go from, “I’m swamped and stressed,” to, “I’m laser-focused and

Click the link to watch!

Originally posted by Derek Deprey on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/derekdeprey