I was invited to speak at the annual event of IIM Calcutta yesterday.

And I totally forgot about it.

I was talking to a couple of folks on a Zoom call and I got a WhatsApp message
asking if I am joining?

The event was supposed to be the closing event of their fest and there were
students waiting for me.

I have given more than 50 talks now but this has never happened.

Worst part, I was not even prepared.

I had picked a topic of GrowthHacking and I initially thought I would make a
solid deck and blow everybody's mind.

But, I clearly that was out of the question.

I was already 5 mins late,

So I decided to go with the flow.

And guess what? I am glad I didn't prepare.

All I did was get a sense of what the crowd wanted to keep talking about the
next thing.

It was less of speaking, more of asking and showing real experiments

And the 45 mins were over in no time.

The moment the call got over,

I opened my notepad and tried to write everything that I spoke.

I guess it's now time to even strengthen the content to push it to the bigger

Though I am not proud of forgetting about the event,

I am glad I could spontaneity probably drove more value than I could plan if I
had planned.

Do you think spontaneity is better or planned?

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