I was doing my internship in Bangalore in my 3rd year of engineering.

I was never an early guy and the internship expected us to report at 9 am.

Had to travel for 13kms on a bike , so I always used to skip my breakfast.

But before entering the office, I would grab a nice chocolate shake from this
fancy looking tea shop called 'Chai Point'.

A few weeks into the internship, I got a message that for every person I get the
Chai Point app downloaded on their phone,

I get some 100 bucks credits

Free shakes? sure!

Just to give you context, not many online brands had executed referral, forget
about offline.

And guess what?

The next day, the same chai point had 4x more people waiting to grab their

Ever since then, I have always had massive respect for Amuleek and the Chai
Point team

Today Chai Point has 100’s of stores all over the country.

What an amazing growth story.

Btw, you can listen to the podcast by WeWork where they've dug deep into
Amuleeks brain.

I absolutely loved it and you should hear it out too ( Link in the first comment

WeWork's podcast is one on my listenlist. Some really bit names and inspiring

PS: Can you guess which country consumes the highest amount of chai?

Nope, it's not India. You will find the answer in the podcast ;)

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