I was catching up with one of my college friends. This happened in her team.
Intention is not to point fingers but to generate a healthy discussion.

Boss: Did you complete the work that I gave you today morning
Amol: I am working on it. Please give me time till today evening
Boss: This is not acceptable. I told you I need this by lunch time today.
Amol: Sir, this is a very complex piece of work. Please give me some more time.

Amol skips his lunch. He works non-stop for 8 hours and hands in his work by

His work is top-notch. But no word of praise from his senior. Later he finds out
that his boss had arbitrarily decided on the deadline. To add insult to injury,
his boss knew about this piece of work one week in advance.

This goes on for a few months. Finally, unable to take the constant pressure and
unreasonable deadlines, Amol finds another job. Not just Amol, even others on
the team leave. The team led by this manager sees high attrition. However, no
one dares complain as the manager has solid backing from his immediate boss.

Clearly, we have a problem here. What makes the situation interesting is that
the other teams within this group are very well run with strong employee

How do you fix such pockets of trouble?

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