I was amazed to hear these facts first hand:

- If you do not have a job in Germany, you still get paid a decent amount every
month by the government.

- You are assigned a mentor who would call you and ask you on how you are coping
up and if everything was fine

- They give you various support services based on your need to help you get a

- Incase you ask for something that they do not offer, they try to get approvals
for it and take that extra step to get it for you.

All this for FREE (including the travel charges if you have to go to a training
session everyday)

And this is not just with 'you', it is with all the unemployed citizens of

It is just not during the normal times, it is done even during crisis times like

It is not just with their own citizens. This is done even to foreigners living
in their country.

You might say, buy yes they can afford it. They are a rich country.

They can be rich, but where do they invest their richness in, still makes a lot
of difference.

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