I've worked with dozens of B2B/ SaaS companies.

Here's the 3 biggest content marketing mistakes they make 👇

1. The content isn't very good.

Most companies publish mediocre content. It's written for SEO, not their
readers. They have zero expertise in the topics they write about and it shows.
It's fluff. That's why after 12 months, content marketing has no impact on their

2. They publish too often.

What happens when you increase the posting frequency on low quality content?
Nothing happens. Scaling low-quality content isn't the path to success, which is
why many companies complain it doesn't work for them. It does, you're just doing
it wrong.

3. Zero distribution.

Create > Upload > Publish > Move onto the next one.

95% of the sites I've worked with have no distribution strategy. If no one reads
your content, it's irrelevant. You need to include distribution from day one.
And no, sharing one-time from your branded profile on LinkedIn doesn't count.

These mistakes aren't only made by startups or new businesses. They're made by
well-known brands, too.

If you can fix those 3 mistakes, you're doing better than most.

In fact, you'll be way ahead of the competition.

What's the most common mistake you see being made in content marketing?

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