I've wasted many huge opportunities by being too slow and hesitant.

I've wasted some money once by being too hasty.

My biggest wins have come from taking swift, decisive - even radical - action.

Like the time 10 yrs ago when I was running a marketing agency and decided to
change everything, and just focus on conversion optimization based on some fresh
insights. Changed everything for my career and the future of my businesses.

Or that time when I realized there is no tool out there that can give you data
on your messaging - I hopped on the opportunity. I already had 2 companies, so
plenty of reasons to hesitate. I'm glad I didn't.

There was an opportunity to pursue with CXL already 3-4 years ago, but I wasn't
sure. I sat on it. I moved on. Then thought about it again, and I sat on it some
more. Years later I came to fully appreciate the opportunity in front of me and
we're now going after it. I wasted years.

The importance of speed is one of my biggest lessons learned.