I’ve tested dozens of strategies to grow my email lists to 25,000 email
addresses. But, one tactic works better than all of them, combined. So, which
tactic works best?

Well, you might be surprised.

Based on my own experience, the best tactic for turning readers into subscribers
is... pop ups.

(Yes, they're annoying but they sure do work).

Pop ups are by far the most effective tactic to build your email list. Below is
a list of all the list-building tactics I’ve used, including the number of sign
ups per tactic:

1. Entry pop up (14,914)
2. Smartbar/ Hellobar (3,205)
3. Content upgrade (1,302)
4. Inline text link (1,051)
5. Opt-in field in footer (104)
6. Sidebar/ navigation (79)
7. Welcome mat (19)
8. Scroll box (12)
9. Give away (11)
10. Exit pop up (7)

Pop ups are a clear winner compared to all other tactics.

Especially when you have one that converts really well.

In fact, I recently shared my pop-up template with someone on my email list and
he said he now converts 61% of readers into subscribers!

So, if you want to grow your email list, use a pop up.

(P.S. I’ll be happy to share my pop up template with you. Just comment YES below
and I’ll send it via DM).

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