“I've just lost my only client. I feel like a failure”. She said.

I replied with 4 specific instructions (details below)

2 days later, she's booked 3 meetings with potential clients. How?

Now, I don’t do cold outreach myself

But I have a very good understanding of:

1. What bad cold outreach looks like. I’ve received 1000’s of bad pitches. I
respond to less than 1%

2. What makes people buy. I've held 20+ sales calls in the last 6 months. I'm
now very familiar with what triggers people to hire me

She works with social

So, I suggested the following:

1. Make a list of 30-50 companies in her area

2. Review each company. Understand what they do well and how they can improve

3. Send an email and give specific recommendations on how they can do better

4. Ask them if they’d like to discuss how to implement the recommendations on a

My reasoning behind this:

When you present specifics, clients will:

- See you as an expert

- Realize how difficult it is

- Want to hire someone to do it for them.

I shared that plan on Sunday evening

On Tuesday morning, she sends me this:

“I’ve got 3 meetings booked with potential clients tomorrow”

She’s meeting with those companies right now

I hope all 3 hire her and become clients 🤞

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