I've generated more than 90,000 marketing leads

How? By using gated content - whitepapers, guides, etc.

I'm sharing the 5 most-effective tactics below 👇

There's a love/ hate relationship with whitepapers

I'm not here to say whether you should/ shouldn't use them

But I will say this:

The success of a white paper has nothing to do with content

The success lies in DISTRIBUTION

Here's 5 tactics I used:

1. Lead magnet - 65,000 MQLs

Using a lead magnet on top blog posts is the best way to generate MQLs

It still generates 1,000 new MQLs pr month

If you have an article on CRM and a white paper on how to choose a CRM, that's
your lead magnet. Link them together

2. Email marketing - 8,000 MQLs

Email marketing will generate MQLs for you

It makes sense, right? Subscribers know you

That's why 10-15% of my MQLs are driven by email

Send an email to your list with a clear message that drives people to a form
landing page

3. Site-wide CTA - 5,000 MQLs

A site-wide CTA is a CTA shown at the top of all pages of your site

Both Hellobar and Sumo work

The more traffic you get, the more MQLs you get

Keep the copy simple. Use the whitepaper title and "Download now" to link to the

Does your B2B/SaaS use white papers?

P.S. See the first comment for tactics 4 and 5