A campaign that you always wanted for yourself, with the lowest costing and
maximum returns.

Okay, so the secret is...

Test! Test! And test!

Yes! You might feel that what kind of joke is this, but that’s the truth.

Running Facebook Ads isn’t very difficult, even if a business owners start
working on it with-in a week they can learn how to set-up a campaign. But that’s
ain’t it.

The key is the creativity and understanding of your target audience. The
creativity a media buyer puts-in to makes the prospect take a pause on his feed
and think.

Once they start thinking, that’s when they start falling for the offer you're

But how to make that happen?

I’ve spoken to tons of people who set-up their own ads seeing a tutorial on
YouTube or some other portal but have failed to achieve the results.

Now the issue here is that they don’t understand the fundamentals of the
platform which they’re using.

From the outside, it looks very easy and quick task. But when you dive-in you
understand that it isn’t that easy. The campaign delivery and making that
consistent is the key obstacle. Because getting good results one day and no
results for a few days, makes no sense.

You need to add elements that shall fire emotional triggers when your target
audience is seeing the ad, and they can be things like:

1. Eye-Cathy creative - Now creatives can be of multiple types. It’s not that
one single type works every time and you gotta test on all images, videos and

2. Emotional copy - The most under-rated elements of an ad is the copy. Copy
helps you to make your prospect more qualified in terms of the offer, your
service and the product.

3. Call-to-Action - Even if you’re running an engagement or video views ad, add
the CTA. Just ask yourself, if someone shares everything about a product and an
offer with you but you don’t know what to do next, then what good is that info
to you? So, having the right CTA helps you make the qualified prospect take the
right action.

4. Quick Follow-up - One more mistake a lot of businesses do is to not quickly
follow-up with the leads. In case you’ve a manual follow-up process than ensure
you do it as early as possible. Because this is going to help to increase the
chances of converting them.

I think if you work on all the above elements and re-vamp your ads, the results
should improve. However, it’s not guaranteed because there are multiple elements
of an Ad that could affect it.

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Posted by Punit Khatri on Facebook
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