I've been waiting to write this post right from the day that I had my interview
at Keka.

Back in March 2020, we were told that Keka was attending our campus for
recruitment of technical roles. What surprised me in the first place was their
eligibility criteria.There were no minimum CGPA requirements,no branch or
backlog restrictions, literally making everyone eligible to sit for the first

Although we didn’t have much of an idea about the role we were applying for, we
were still allowed to try and express our interest of having a career in the
In my whole interview process I've never been asked about my CGPA or my grades
and moreover I've been offered a role in the HR team despite the fact that I'm a
B.Tech graduate.

If they find that you're a perfect fit for any other role they offer you the
opportunity.They've mastered the process of finding and shaping the talent for
their organization.They know how to capture the right skills in you.
Keka HR believes that if one has the potential to do a role, all they need is
passion but nothing else.

Now, 2 months after starting my internship with Keka, I understood that every
person in every team has this enthusiasm of working for what they love to do.

P.S : Today marks my 2nd month Anniversary with Keka :) :D

Originally posted by Satya Sundari Nidasanametla on LinkedIn
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