I’ve audited close to 50 B2B/ SaaS websites

Here’s the 3 most common SEO mistakes (and how to fix them):

No tools needed. You can fix it in 15 mins

1. Bloated index

Most B2B/ SaaS websites have too many pages indexed in Google.

(A typical B2B/ SaaS has 500-2,000 pages indexed)

If you have more, keep the most important pages and No Index the rest. This
includes tag pages, category pages, author profiles, etc.

2. Internal links

Content should be linked together

Linking to relevant content by using specific anchor text is great for readers
and search engines. Try to include as many links as you can!

Go to Google and type in site:YourWebsiteURL “topic”

Now, you have a list pages you can link together

3. URL structure

Here's how most blog URLs are structured:


Here's how it should be:


The site below used to get 300 visits per day from search

We fixed the URLs and within days, traffic skyrocketed!

A 5X increase in organic search traffic

Talk about high impact changes!

(Try to redirect any URLs you change. More info in the comments👇 )

The good news is that anyone can fix these 3 mistakes

Take a few minutes and fix at least 1

It’ll be the best 5 minutes you spend today