I took a decision to fundamentally change my business plan in one day. I heard
entrepreneurs are calling this process a 'pivot'.

Many in my network and beyond showered my 'Hiring' and 'Prefer Fresher Teachers'
posts with the kindest of words and praises.

The responses highly encouraged me, and the CVs and applications I received were

I took more than 110 interviews of shortlisted teachers in 8 days, who were not
all freshers. All of them were great people.

But while taking the demonstration lectures, while watching them teach
passionately, I realized that I prefer freshers because I recall my experience
as a fresher; but I am not a fresher anymore.

I have an evident track record of guaranteed success of students in competitive
exams. This came after hustling in the field of academics for 17+ years.
Expecting a fresher to be at par with my teaching skills and knowledge is
wishful thinking.

I was thinking of providing full-fledged training for all subjects for JEE under
one roof, but I have to work with equally reputed and experienced experts and

Then I thought, what can I do? How can I add value? How can I still make a
difference? And in one day, ***** ******* was born.

Yes. Every single one of you is going to enjoy what's coming.


Posted by Supriyo Banerjee on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/supriyo-banerjee