I think this could be quite fun.

I'm going through big sites and picking out quick #SEO wins. Which you could
takeaway and apply to your sites.

Firstly NerdWallet.

Awesome site. Great design. And they're clearly SEO-savvy (I felt sick writing

NerdWallet produce some great hub pages which they use to answer tonnes of
questions about a particular product (in this example, it's mortgages).

What they're not doing - is using topic > subtopic to build relevancy from
longer-tail queries.

The example below are FAQs hosted on a hub page. Imagine what would happen if
they created individual URLs for each question that had organic purpose and
wouldn't cannibalise the main article.

That's 10+ new pages of easy-to-answer content.

This content will:

šŸ‘‰ Build deeper relevancy for this topic
šŸ‘‰ Generate traffic (engagement signals are key)
šŸ‘‰ Allow for internal links to be built from subtopics > topics

#seostrategy #contentmarketing

Posted by Ryan Darani - SEO Consultant on LinkedIn
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