I spent 5 friggin hours recording a video about our LinkedIn process for a

Included a free growth audit.

Sent it over to the prospect.

Followed up with emails & LinkedIn. For 3 weeks.

Zero responses.

In sales, it's depressing to put in so much time to try. Genuinely add value.
Stand out-

Only to be ghosted.

And not even receive an ounce of feedback.

I love feedback.

It helps me improve our processes.

Add services. Understand pain points of prospects.

When I founded GrowthClub, I sucked at sales.

I'd never been on sales calls before.

All I did on calls was show them what we did for clients.

Conversion rates sucked.

But to every single prospect that said no, I asked a question.

"Why? Please be brutally honest."

Through the simple suggestions that prospects shared, I made changes.

Slowly added a proper structure to my proposals.

Created case studies on how we helped clients grow on LinkedIn.

Added qualification questionnaires to qualify leads interested in our services.

Set up automated forms that would ensure they had a budget.

Here's the thing:

Feedback is powerful.

Whenever someone says no to you, ask them a simple question:

"Why? Please be brutally honest."

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