I see very few Founders talk about the role of 'luck' in company building.

I'll share how luck has brought BimaPe to where we are today:

1. 'Earliest hires' 🐦
- In August, I tweeted that I was starting up (after completing ~50 customer
discovery calls)
- Many people pinged me - Kunal & Abraz were amongst them.
- Kunal is a full stack SWE, Abraz is a designer cum frontend engineer - I did
Product & UX research; good start!

2. 'Too much going on - please help!' πŸ‘‹
- I sent a message to Eashan (SWE) & Vishrut (Product) a few weeks apart from
each other
- Perhaps they were sold on the vision; Eashan dropped a management consulting
role & Vishrut left his VC role.
- Same with Pranav who joined in < 24 hours after 2 phone-calls.

3. 'Can I bother you (for some money)?' πŸ”Ž
- Meeting our lead investor (a fund) was an accident; I pinged their associate
regarding a long overdue meeting (to test BimaPe's product hypothesis)
- We closed the Pre-Seed in ~11 days

❓ Luck plays a key role in company building.

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
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