I see the Remote vs Office arguments have increased during this pandemic -
something we've probably all engaged in.

I've been contracting & freelancing for a large part of my working life, but I'd
often hot desk within the company I was consulting too & this is why - Body
language & coffee conversations...

Body language, reading the room and talking to people spontaneously (informally)
is invaluable for the wellbeing of a company. Instead of being thrust into the
spotlight in that 5 minute slot you have on your video meeting, where you are
blissfully unaware of everyone's mental state or their current workload & often
blindsided by random questions.

By being present in the office environment you subconsciously assess the feel of
the room, you adapt your delivery to integrate with the general wellbeing of
your colleagues & you present yourself in a way that's fitting for that
situation. You have a comprehension of who's present & what they might ask. Much
like the quick water cooler conversations, the morning coffee catch ups that
often unearth more of the office's goings on than your formal meetings.

These face to face interactions are invaluable, they help you read between the
lines & see beyond the computer screen. Don't write the office off to soon -

Posted by Martin McGarry on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/martin-mcgarry-76829129