I recently read Abid Hassan’s post on How people lose in stock markets because
they think of this as a place to make money.

If you are trying to make 1L every month, on an investment of 40L - a modest
2.5% return a month, that adds to 12 L per year at 30% returns. That is good
money for most Indian middle-class folks. This is an example of growing your

Unfortunately, many people try to make 1L a month on 1L capital in stock


Is this right or wrong ??


Time is relative.

In India 🇮🇳 if you make money 💰 in short term then it’s considered that you
are either doing something wrong or on some very scary path.

If someone takes a risk on 1L to make 1L in a month and ends up losing it, that
should not deter other to explore better ways to making it.

If nobody tries and nobody learns, it’s better to learn after loosing 1L in
stocks than *loosing 10L to get a education degree with no education.

I practiced this for more than 20 years and here is today’s gyan for you -

Learn by Experience and definitely take right risks in life. If you win you
become an example, if you don’t try harder.

I was planning to do a session on Data Analytics + Stock Market 📈 leave a
comment if you want to attend.

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