I reached 501,917 content views on LinkedIn last week

What does 500K get you? Here’s the full breakdown (incl. $$$)👇

First, a bit of background

10 months ago, I started posting on LinkedIn

I post 1-2 times per week

This is my 80th post

My strategy?

Share my best content for free and expect nothing in return

It took me 6 months to hit my first 100K views

3 months later, I hit 300K views

Now, I'm at 100K monthly views

But I keep hearing that views don’t matter

That you can’t take views to the bank

So, here’s what I got from 500K content views:

- 3,500 new followers
- 33 inbound opportunities
- 5 new deals closed (2 pending)
- An additional $117,000 in new revenue

(Not included: the dozens of conversations I’ve had with some amazing people via

Compare that with the 6,820 views I had the previous year:

- 0 new followers
- 0 inbound opportunities
- 0 closed deals
- $0 in new revenue

(Not included: The zero conversations I had with no one via DM)

Big difference, right?

Life-changing, in fact

So, maybe views don’t matter to you

And that’s OK

But they matter to me


More views = more revenue

#LinkedIn #Marketing