a digital marketer commented on my post asking me if I have nothing else to do than selling courses like running a real company?

Here's my answer - I don't just sell Courses.

I, along with my Co-Founder, run a Facebook Ad Agency, where we serve 20+ clients every month.

All the strategies we teach in our courses are tested with both us as well as our clients.

And, it's not his fault. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about selling courses, aka info Products.

I don't call it an info Product - I call it as iProduct.

If you see the iPhone, its the combined wisdom of Steve Jobs collected through years of experience & trial & error in Design and Communication.

Because its a product, it can be duplicated, which is why Steve Jobs became a billionaire.

Similarly, an iProduct is the combined wisdom of the Course Creator collected through years of trial and error concerning the problem he has solved for himself or his clients.

And, only when you have an iProduct and its duplicable, can you achieve scale in a service-based business.

Just like Steve Jobs wouldn't have made the same money if he was a design agency, you can't scale your service business if you don't have an iProduct.

Its a combined wisdom of "I'" packaged into a Product.

Let me know what you think about the person's comment and my explanation on iProduct