I once visited a cafe in New Delhi and their food tasted really good.

When I was leaving, the manager politely asked me if they can click my photo
with the cafe's board behind.

I said yes.✔️

And that's it. He connected with me on Instagram, sent me the photo, and as I
shared it on my story, they got free promotion.

Isn't that cool?


Brands nowadays are focusing more on user-generated content which is a great way
to engage their audience more.

And it's a goldmine of cool ideas too. So that's a bonus.

If you're working on building your brand (or even have an established one), try
something like this-

🤙 Drop questions at the end of your post. Comments are the most basic form of

🤙Start a hashtag revolving around your business.

🤙Share cool/weird/funny posts by random people related to your product/
service. It drives people to share more of it.

🤙Install signage at your store along with which customers can click photos and
upload on social media.

🤙Start a contest.

Whether you are a small brand or a giant mogul, it works for everyone.

Do you've any suggestions?

Share them in the comments below. 👇

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Originally posted by Shubham Gupta on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/shubhamgupta07